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25 Jun 2015

Understanding Vedic Astrology (Exaltation and Debilitation of Planets) – 3 (Blog 4)

Planets, as previously explained in earlier blogs, gives results based on their placement against the Zodiac sign, the Nakshatra and the house they occupy. Each house in a birth chart has a significance. We have given a
24 Jun 2015

Understanding Vedic Astrology (Signification) – 2 (Blog 3)

According to Vedic astrology each planet, each house and each Zodiac sign is a significator (Karak) of a characteristic. The table below contains broad signification based on the planets. This table plays a vital role in judging
23 Jun 2015

Understanding Vedic Astrology (What is Moon Sign) – 1 (Blog 2)

Vedic astrology, as explained in the earlier blog, is a Hindu Vedic knowledge of predicting future based on the planetary positions. Vedic astrology uses a system of 7 solar bodies, 2 nodes (Rahu & Ketu), 12 Zodiac
20 Jun 2015

History of Vedic Astrology (Blog 1)

Vedic astrology is a Hindu Vedic knowledge on predicting future events based on the planetary positions with respect to Zodiac signs and Nakshatras. Vedic astrology uses date, time and place of birth to make general predictions of life of
20 Jun 2015

Modern Approach to Vastu as Explained by – Dr. Anand Bhardwaj (Blog 2)

Dr. Bhardwaj is an eminent researcher and practitioner with almost 40 years of vast experience in Vastu and he is well known to apply Vastu principles in more modern and scientific way. Apart from Vastu, Dr. Bhardwaj provides
19 Jun 2015

How to use an astrological gemstone (Blog 2)

In our previous blog we explained astrological gemstones transmit the qualities of the planet it is ruled by. This blog will talk about care that should be taken while wearing a gemstone. Gemstone should be purchased on
19 Jun 2015

What are Astrological Gemstones? (Blog 1)

Gemstones are semi-precious or precious stones which generally occur beneath the surface of the earth. Gemstones are formed over a very long period of time. Gemstones are believed to acquire some mystical vibrations within them which holds immense astrological
18 Jun 2015

Concept of God in Hinduism? (Blog 3)

So far we have explained what is self realization and how does creation happen. This blog is intended to shed some light on the concept of god in Hinduism but before we dwell further in to the
17 Jun 2015

Creation of Life (Blog 2)

Previous blog explained what is inner self and what is soul. In this blog we will explore a bit further on inner self and understand a bit deeper about Mind and how life is created. Soul alone does
12 Jun 2015

How to begin a spiritual journey? (Blog 1)

The meaning of Spirituality (Adhyatma in Hindi) differ from person to person so it is difficult to really explain how should one begin the journey. A few of the widely accepted interpretations of the term spirituality are