What is a Rudraksha (Blog 1)

Rudraksha is a mystical seed of a fruit grown on a tree. Rudraksha is believed to be created by Lord Shiva for the welfare of the humanity. Several Hindu Vedic texts like Shiva Purana, Shrimad Bhagwad and Rudraksha Jabalopnishad mention the importance of wearing a Rudraksha.

Rudraksha seed has a very hard and unevenly grooved outer surface. Generally Rudraksha has a long central tunnel like cavity starting from the point where it is attached with the stem to the other end of the body. The center of a Rudraksha has clefts which contains small seeds within. Each cleft houses a small seed and no. of clefts within the seed depends on the number of faces (Mukhis) Rudraksha has. Each Rudraksha is classified on the basis of number of faces (Mukhis) which appear on the surface as the number of joints running from one end of the tunnel cavity to the other end. Generally Rudraksha seeds are found from one Mukhi to 38 Mukhi though Vedic texts contain details of fewer Mukhi Rudraksha only.

inside rudraksha

Crossectional view of 3 Mukhi, 4 Mukhi and 6 Mukhi Rudrakshas.

According to various Puranas like Rudraksha Jabalopnishad, Shiva Purana the best Rudraksha as per the size is the one which is of the size of an Amla fruit, medium quality Rudraksha is considered to be of the size of a Ber fruit and lowest quality Rudraksha is considered to be of the size of a gram (Chana).

Even though not much clinical research is conducted on the benefits of Rudraksha but still Rudraksha is believed to impart tremendous benefits to its wearer. Some of the benefits of wearing Rudraksha are:

  • Rudraksha imparts many health benefits to the wearer like it helps in controlling blood pressure, helps in relieving stress.
  • Rudraksha is believed to mitigate the negative influences of a badly placed planet as per the horoscope.
  • Rudraksha helps in reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Rudraksha has many medicinal benefits.

Rudraksha beads are generally worn as a single bead or a combination of beads or in the form of a Mala (Rosary). Choice of Rudraksha should be made on the basis of recommendation of an expert. Usually experts use Astrology or Numerology or Palmistry to recommend a Rudraksha.

Some interesting facts about Rudraksha are:

  • A round one Mukhi Rudraksha is the rarest Rudraksha while Five Mukhi Rudraksha is the most common Rudraksha.
  • A genuine Rudraksha bead should rotate slightly when kept in between two copper coins.

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