What are Astrological Gemstones? (Blog 1)

Astrological GemsGemstones are semi-precious or precious stones which generally occur beneath the surface of the earth. Gemstones are formed over a very long period of time. Gemstones are believed to acquire some mystical vibrations within them which holds immense astrological and healing values. A gemstone during its formation is subjected to many geological phenomenon like earthquake and volcano and because these activities a gemstone finds it way towards the surface of the earth. Though most of the other stones are also subjected to similar geological phenomenon but not all stones transform into a precious stone. According to the theory of Five Elements or Pancha Tattva, every form of matter is made up of 5 elements namely: Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. Any stone is also formed by the combination of these 5 elements and some of those stones which which are composed of these elements in some great proportion transform into a precious stone.

By and large complete spiritual fraternity recognizes immense value of a gemstone in healing but spiritual practitioners are divided on the use of gemstone for astrological purpose. One school of thought amongst astrologers propagate gems hold properties of the planet ruling the gemstone and if it is worn it transmits the qualities of the planet to the wearer, while the other school of thought amongst astrologers propagate that gems may bear qualities of a planet but wearing them is not remedy as per traditional astrology. Many Vedic texts exalt the positive attributes of a gemstone but none of the Vedic text is clear on the thought that wearing a gemstone adds benefit to the wearer.

Since this blog is on the astrological Gemstones hence we dwell a bit further on the first school of thought which propogates the use of a gemstone for astrological purposes. According to these astrologers, gemstones transmit the qualities of the planet it is ruled by. Following is the relationship of various gemstones with planets:

Astrologers use a number of calculations to identify the benefic planet in the birth chart (Kundli) and they recommend the stone which bears the qualities of the benefic planet. Many articles in the newspaper suggest using a gemstone based on the Zodiac sign or Nakshatra or the Ascendant lord sign but none of such techniques are reliable for deciding which stone to wear. A stone should always be worn after a thorough assessment which includes analyzing the birth chart, Navamsha chart, Dasha, Nakshatras, Ascendant (Lagna) and current planetary placements. If a gemstone is worn by just looking at the Zodiac sign or the Nakshatra sign then there is a possibility that you might be wearing a stone of a negative planet which means you will be adding qualities of a negative planet in your self. This may lead to more damage than benefit. Gemstone can be recommended by other ways also like using palmistry or numerology. The central idea for recommendation using palmistry and numerology remains the same, to identify a benefic planet and making it stronger using gem.

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