History of Vedic Astrology (Blog 1)

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Vedic astrology is a Hindu Vedic knowledge on predicting future events based on the planetary positions with respect to Zodiac signs and Nakshatras. Vedic astrology uses date, time and place of birth to make general predictions of life of humans. Since time immemorial Hindus have been using Vedic knowledge of astrology to predict events in advance. In olden days kings used to take advice from the head priest or the astrologer of the kingdom about how the period would be for the kingdom. Gradually astrology found its immense importance amongst the common people for predicting the future and astrology came in the main stream usage. Astrology is also used for finding out auspicious timings for initiating events like marriage or buying a new property or any other event which holds great importance in someone’s life.

Brighu, one of the Saptarishis (great seven sages), is regarded as the father of Vedic astrology since he was the first one to write on this subject. Brighu used innumerable birth details of Brahmins of his time and compiled his observations and predictions in a book called Brighu Samhita. A large part of the knowledge is lost over a period of time. Some of the sages have protected a part of the knowledge which they learnt through Guru-disciple practice and same astrological principles are widely used in modern times.

Over a period of time the science of astrology has evolved a lot and many sages like Kashyap, Narada, Parashar, Vyas, Jamini and many others contributed to it. Modern day astrologer acquire the knowledge of astrology from three main source: formal education, family tradition or by self learning using Vedic texts and meditative techniques. Each of these astrologers have their own positives and it is difficult to rank them in an order. Practice of astrology slightly varies as per the geography too. North Indians use North Indian chart style for prediction while South Indian us South Indian chart style. We will dwell on different practices within astrology in our later blogs where we will dig deeper in the knowledge of astrology.

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