Vastu for Beginners & Vastu Purusha Story (Blog 3)

Creation, as explained in Hinduism is attributed to the union of Energy and Consciousness. The creation itself is always formless which later evolves in the form of Five Elements giving it physical attributes. These Five Elements are Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. Each of these Five Elements interact with each other which give properties to everything. Quantum Physics (Strings Theory) states that all form of Matter is actually a form of energy and every form of matter vibrates. Vibrations of matter along with Sun’s energy and Earth’s magnetic field interact with each other which creates a subtle influence on  each one of us. These influences can be positive or can be negative and are hard to feel. Vastu Shastra is an ancient subject which gives guidelines to create harmonious relation between a dwelling and nature.

Vastu Purusha Story

As per Vastu Shastra every dwelling has a soul of its own and this soul is referred as Vastu Purusha. According to Matsya Purana, Lord Shiva once had a battle with a demon named Andhaka and that battle lasted for a very long time. During battle Lord Shiva got tired and began to sweat profusely. A man was born out of the Shiva’s sweat who looked cruel and hungry. This new born man began to make penance to Lord Shiva so he could be granted a boon, Lord Shiva pleased with his penance and devotion gave him a boon. The devotee asked the permission of Lord Shiva to eat away all three worlds – Terrestrial world (Bhoolok), Celestial world (Devalok or abode of Gods) and Demon world. Lord Shiva granted him this boon and he started eating away the worlds. Terrified by his hunger, Gods arrested him and tied him in a peculiar position from all sides as shown in the image below. This man was named as Vastu Purusha and he was later given the boon that he could eat away anyone who does not pay due regards to him while constructing a building.

 vastu purusha story

Vastu Purusha

Every plot has a soul of its own which is shown above and named as Vastu Purusha. The head of Vastu Purusha is shown in the North-East direction, whereas the feet are shown in the South-West direction.

  • North-East (NE) direction is assigned to Water element.
  • South-East (SE) direction is assigned to Fire element.
  • South-West (SW) is assigned to Earth element.
  • North-West is assigned to Air element.
  • Center (also known as Brahmasthana) is assigned to Space element.

Following are some of the rules which apply for a Vastu friendly place. At times it gets impractical to really follow each and every rule of Vastu, in such cases a Vastu expert will apply few remedial measures which will help overcome the defect. Usually these remedial actions do not require demolition. Aura scans are a good way to check Vastu defects.

NE direction also represents the direction of Gods hence a Puja room should be ideally placed in the NE zone whereas a Kitchen represents Fire element hence it is well placed in the SE zone. Center is ruled by Space element hence this zone should ideally be left as open as possible while SW zone represent Earth element hence all the heavy articles and tools are best kept in this zone. NW represents Air element and it is good placement for guest room.

We will conclude Vastu for Beginners here. Please leave your feedback in the comment section and share us if you have liked us. We will soon get back with some amazing Vastu tips from experts.

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