Gemstone Ruby or Manik (Blog 3)

Gemstone Ruby is a precious stone which is said to be ruled by Sun as per the astrology. Sun illuminates the whole solar system and all the planets in the solar system revolve around Sun which is why Sun is considered as the king in astrology. Ruby is the gemstone which bears the qualities of Sun and people who have a good Sun placement in their birth chart can wear Ruby to increase the auspicious results of Sun. A person with good placement of Sun will be charismatic, a born leader or statesman and an effective public speaker. According to Vedic astrology Sun is the significator of soul, eyes, fame, blood pressure, zeal, father, digestion.

 A naturally occurring Ruby is a variety of Corundum and it is Red in color. Ruby comes in many shades of red ranging from pinkish shade to deep red color. Ruby is a very hard gemstone and best quality Rubies come from Burma. Higher carat natural, untreated Rubies with no inclusions are very rare to be found and such Rubies are very expensive.

gemstone ruby benefits

Ruby is worn on the ring finger on Sunday of a Shukla Paksha during sunrise hours. Ruby is ideally set in a Gold or a Bronze ring. Since Ruby is a warm stone hence it should always be worn under the guidance of a gemstone expert else it may create a lot of troubles. An incorrectly worn Ruby may even lead to high blood pressure. No gemstone should be worn without an expert consultation. At times we come across articles suggesting, Ruby is good for people who are born under Leo sun sign, which is an incomplete evaluation. Ruby should be avoided if any planet is getting combust because of powerful Sun in the birth chart. A combust planet is usually shown by letter “(c)” in the birth chart and a planet with (c) symbol in the birth chart means it has lost its luster and shine because of its closeness with Sun. Wearing Ruby in such a case will further weaken the combust planet. Ruby is usually not worn along with Blue Sapphire (Neelam), Hessonite (Gomed) and Diamond.

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