Gemstone Emerald or Panna Stone (Blog 4)

Panna stone or Emerald is a green colored precious gemstone which is ruled by planet Mercury. Emerald bears the qualities of its ruling plant Mercury. According to Vedic astrology Mercury is known as the royal messenger or financial adviser of the king. Mercury is the significator of communication, analytical ability, creativity, business acumen and conscious mind. People having strongly placed Mercury in their birth chart are well suited for professions like stock broking, journalist, artist, bankers, writers and businessman.

Emeralds are composed of Beryllium and Silicate of Aluminium. Emeralds are found in different shades of green color but the best Emerald is the one which displays intense green color which is neither too dark nor too pale. Best quality Emeralds come from Columbia and Zambia. Untreated Emerald with no inclusions are very rare to be found hence most of the Emeralds that are used for astrological purposes are treated for inclusions. Emerald is brittle in nature and it may develop a crack it hardly hit. It is less stronger than Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz.

panna stone

Emerald is usually worn on the little finger on Wednesday in the morning. Emerald is usually set in a Gold or a Silver ring. Consult an expert before wearing this stone, incorrectly worn stone may lead to many troubles. Emerald is considered a friendly stone with Blue Sapphire and Diamond though this does not mean that an Emerald should always be worn with these two stones.

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