Gemstone Pearl or Moti (Blog 6)

Natural Pearl is a milky gemstone which according to astrology is ruled by Moon. Pearl bears the qualities of its ruling planet Moon. According to astrology Moon is a feminine planet which represents mother or motherly figures. Venus is also a feminine planet but Venus represents wife. Moon is the significator of sub-conscious mind, motherly care, emotions, intuition and imagination. Moon holds special importance in Vedic astrology as Vedic astrology uses Moon Sign instead of the Sun Sign. Ruling Nakshatra is also based on the placement of Moon. People with strong placement of Moon in their birth chart are usually good healers, doctors, philanthropist, sailors etc. Moon is ruled by Lord Shiva and worshiping Lord Shiva ensures good results from Moon.

Pearl is an organically formed gemstone while all other gemstones are formed a minerals. Pearl occurs within soft tissue layer of Mollusks such as Oyster and Mussels. Natural Pearl is hard to find hence most of the Pearls found in the market are cultured Pearls. While buying Pearl people often get tricked by sellers in the name of Natural Pearl and they end up paying a huge amount. Oysters and Mussels are inserted with foreign substance called Nucleus which over a period of time forms Pearl around the Nucleus. Pearls come in a large variety of colors but from the astrological point of view milky pearl holds greater importance. Pearls largely come from China, Japan and Australia.

gemstone pearl

Pearl is usually set in a Silver ring and is worn on the little finger on the morning of any Monday of Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon). Pearl is a cold stone hence many astrologer recommend Pearl to Manglik people because in most of the cases Manglik people depict excessive Fire element and Pearl helps in appeasing it but before wearing a Pearl an expert must be consulted to ensure your Moon is rightly placed in the birth chart. Pearl is usually not worn with Blue Sapphire (Neelam), Hessonite (Gomed) and Diamond.

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