Gemstone Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Stone (Blog 8)

Pukhraj stone or Yellow Sapphire is a precious gemstone which, as per astrology, is ruled by planet Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire bear qualities of its ruling planet Jupiter (Brihaspati). Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and according to Vedic astrology Jupiter represents wisdom or Guru and it is the significator of luck, higher education, prosperity, rituals, customs, foreign travel etc. People having strong benefic placement of planet Jupiter in their birth chart are well suited for professions like priest or astrologer, teacher, coach, restaurateur, textile trader etc.

Yellow Sapphire is a variant of Corundum, which is an Aluminium Oxide mineral. Yellow Sapphire gets its color from Iron content. Yellow Sapphires come from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Pakistan, India, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania and USA. The finest quality of Yellow Sapphires come from Sri Lanka. Most Yellow Sapphires that are being traded in the market are heat treated. This treatment is done to enhance the color and clarity of the stone thereby increasing its selling price.

yellow sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is usually set in a gold ring and it is usually worn in the index finger on a morning of Shukla Paksha Thursday. Please consult an expert before wearing Yellow Sapphire. Yellow Sapphire is friendly with Pearl, Ruby and Coral.

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