Moksha and God (Meaning of Moksha)

Moksha (Liberation) is a state of being and it is not just difficult to understand the idea by mere reading it, the subject itself is very difficult to write upon too. We are attempting write on this subject but considering no one has practically attained this state in the modern times hence we stand open to be corrected. We will be using some knowledge from different spiritual Gurus, excerpts from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and Mathematics to explore the idea. We will try and explain the concept as simply as possible but to really understand the concept one would require to read previous blogs too.

According to Hindu Vedic scriptures life is a cyclical process and it is believed that once a life meet its end, it takes a re-birth in another form and this cycle continues till Moksha is attained. This in other words would mean, only body dies and soul lives forever. After death, the soul takes up another body and life is again created. Moksha is a state when somebody gets liberated from the cycle of life & death, that means the soul becomes the part of Supreme Soul (Param Atma). Shri Krishna tells Arjun that attaining Moksha is the supreme purpose of the soul and the gateway to achieve Moksha is detachment.

Meaning of Moksha

Meaning of Moksha

Before we dig deeper in to the concept lets get back to what we explained about God in the previous blog. God was explained as a formless, omnipresent, infinite and ever existent in other words God is Ananta (Endless). According to mathematics anything divided by zero will give infinity as a result. Zero represents the Nothingness or detachment and once we start detaching ourselves from all the material bonds we start coming closer to God. The more we go closer to Zero or Nothingness or Detachment, the more we come closer to the infinity or God.

Bhagvad Gita mentions, one should find detachment by renouncing all the material bonds including love for self by letting go the attachment to the result and find a greater purpose for life. This greater purpose of life is called Dharma. One should perform sacrifice, charity and penance without any attachment to the fruits of his actions to achieve the greater purpose of life. According to Bhagvad Gita, the biggest goal for the soul is Moksha.

Why would detachment will lead someone to Moksha?

As explained earlier, detachment is a state of Nothingness or Zero. Just how simply by dividing any number with zero gives infinity as a result similarly the state of nothingness or detachment can simply transform anyone to the transcendental state of Moksha.

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