General Vastu tips for buying plot by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj (Blog 7)

We are back again with some really simple Vastu tips for buying plot as given by Dr. Bhardwaj. Any piece of land in today’s world comes at a great price and it is wise to be extra cautious before investing your hard earned money in it.

Vastu Tips for Buying Plot:


  1. The most important tip that should be kept in mind while purchasing a plot is it should always be acquired with fair means only. Any land acquired by unfair means would lead to negative results in long run.
  2. A plot purchased for making a house to live in should ideally be Gaumukhi (smaller in front and wider in rear). A plot purchased for business purpose should be Shermukhi (Wider in front and smaller in rear).
  3. A plot with all its edges of uneven length is a bad choice. Any extended corner except NE corner is considered bad. Any depressed corner is considered bad too.
  4. Having a religious place, school, funeral ground or any public place in the vicinity of the plot is considered bad.
  5. It is bad to have the soil color of the plot different from the surrounding color of the soil.
  6. The auspiciousness of the face of a plot meant for living follow the following order – East (best), North, West and then South. The auspiciousness of the face of the plot meant for business follow the following order – North (best), East, West and then South.
  7. Growth of any poisonous shrub on the plot is considered bad. Having any big rock in the plot is considered bad too. A plot used for landfill purpose is also bad.
  8. East and North facing plots are good from investment point of view.
  9. A plot emanating pleasing smell like smell of Tulsi plant or smell of any other natural herb then it is good but if the plot is emanating a bad smell then it is considered bad.
  10. A plot with road ending in front of it or having a Y junction or T junction or I junction or L junction in front it is largely  considered bad except for a few exceptional cases.

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We would like to thank Dr. Bhardwaj for being so helpful in sharing these simple Vastu tips for buying plot. We request you to kindly share this blog in your network so that everyone else can take the advantage of these tips.

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