Simple Ayurvedic Tips for Speedy Dengue Recovery

dengue recovery

Dengue is a deadly disease transmitted by a mosquito and each year Dengue claims thousands of patients and hundreds dead. According to National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme website (a government body), year 2014 left with more than 40000 Dengue cases in India and 137 amongst them dead. This year’s statistics till 13th September, 2015 stands at more than 22000 Dengue cases with 45 dead. Common symptoms of Dengue are severe joint and muscle pain, headache, high fever, exhaustion and rashes on the body. So far no vaccine is available for Dengue and the best way available today to avoid Dengue is prevent mosquito breeding. Stagnant water is the main breeding ground for mosquitoes and preventing any water to stagnate is the best solution right now to prevent Dengue.

Here are a few really simple tips from Ayurveda which can help in faster dengue recovery:

  1. Barley (Jau) Grass: Barley grass helps in increasing platelet counts and it can be directly consumed or it can be consumed in the form of a tea.
  2. Water: Dengue leaves the body exhausted and dehydrated. Consuming water helps in restoring vital bodily fluids and thus help in fighting Dengue.
  3. Neem Leaves: Neem leaves prevent internal bleeding and helps in increasing blood platelets. Consuming properly brewed Neem leaves help in improving immunity which further help in fighting the Dengue virus effectively. Lighting a Neem oil lamp daily prevents mosquito from entering in the house.
  4. Papaya Leaves: Papaya leaves have high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Consuming juice of papaya leaves is extremely beneficial for fighting Dengue.
  5. Orange Juice: Orange juice has a rich  mixture of Vitamins which help in recovery from Dengue.
  6. Holy Basil (Tulsi): Tulsi or basil has tremendous healing ability and it can be consumed to improve immunity and speedy recovery.
  7. Giloy or Guduchi Powder: It builds body’s resistance to infections. It even helps in fighting Dengue.

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