What is Isht Dev?

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What is Isht Dev?

Isht Dev is the deity that is believed to guide the soul to the ultimate goal i.e. Moksha (liberation). Everybody must know his or her Isht Dev and must worship & meditate over the same.

How to know Isht Dev in Kundali through Jaimini astrology?

Step 1: Open your Birth Chart in a new tab.

Step 2: Find out the Atmakarka in the birth horoscope. (Check the planet with highest degrees in the Planet Details table)

Step 3: Look for the placement of Atmakarka in the Navamsha chart.

Step 4: look for the 12th house from Atmakarka in Navamsha chart.

Step 5: If there is a planet in the 12th house from Atmakarka then the ruling god of that planet is your Isht Dev, if there are more than one planet in your 12th house then look for the strength of each planet and the planet with highest strength is your Isht Devta, If no planet occupies this house then look for the planet aspecting the house. If no planet aspects the house then lord of the house will be used for knowing Isht Devta.

Planet and Isht Dev Relation:

Sun – Lord Shiva

Mercury – Lord Vishnu

Venus – Goddess Lakshmi

Moon – Goddess Gauri

Mars – Lord Hanuman

Jupiter – Lord Shiva

Saturn – Lord Vishnu

Rahu – Goddess Durga

Ketu – Lord Ganesha

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