Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga

Brihat Parashar Hora has given rules for formation of many auspicious Yogas. Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga is one of the most important Yoga formed among them. Gaj Kesari is a combination of 2 words which represent Gaj = Elephant and Kesari = Lion. Formation of this Yoga in a birth chart indicates that a person will be splendorous, wealthy, intelligent and endowed with many other laudable virtues.

How Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga is formed?


According to Parashar Hora, Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga is formed when Jupiter is placed in Kendra (Quadrant) from Moon i.e. 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house from Moon. Following is the verse from Parashar Hora along with the translation which makes it more clear:

केन्द्रे देवगुरौ लग्नाच्चन्द्राद्वा शुभदृग्युते |

नीचास्तारिगृहैर्हीने योगोऽयं गजकेसरी ||

गजकेसरीसञ्जातस्तेजस्वी धनवान् भवेत् |

मेधावी गुणसम्पन्नो राजप्रियकरो नरः ||


When Jupiter is in quadrant (Kendra) from ascendant (Lagna), or from Moon (Chandra); and be Conjunction (Yuti) with, or receiving an aspect (Drishti) from benefic, avoiding at the same time debilitation, combustion and inimical Zodiac (Rashi), Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga takes place. Native born in Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga will be splendorous, wealthy, and intelligent, endowed with many laudable virtues and liked by king/ governing body.

According to Phaldeepika, a person born with this Yoga destroy his enemies like a lion. The person with this Yoga will have great oratory skills with good knowledge and education.

Types of Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga:


1. Gaj Kesari in 1st House from Moon: This is the most elevated Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga. Lord Rama had this type of Yoga with Moon placed in the own sign of Cancer and exalted Jupiter in conjunction with Moon.

2. Gaj Kesari in 4th House from Moon: This type of Gaj Kesari Yoga adds material bliss.

3. Gaj Kesari in 7th House from Moon: This Yoga is good for personal life related to partner and business.

4. Gaj Kesari in 10th House from Moon: This Yoga is good for fame.

Famous Personalities with Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga:

Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Ranbir Kapoor.

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