Nazar Lagna | Evil Eye Cure | नज़र लगने के उपाय – Part -1

Ancestors said, Evil eye is one of the most powerful hate energy that revolve and affected our Aura, Health or our body seven chakra’s ( 7 source of energy chakra inside us).

The Term in Hinduism said, Nazar Lagna ” नज़र प्रभावित व लग जाना” | In English this is called ” Affected from Satan and their conspiracy” or Evil spiritual non existence power controlling your mind towards to do wrong things and feels you like lost,Too much ill, Want to depress you always, Hate from family, etc.

Hi Welcome to Rocking Baba- Gyaan ka sagar,  Here we’re informing such beautiful remedies to stop this hate power, After all Rockingbaba team having 2 Years + of study into Evil eye remedies, Study from different multiple churches, Temples and scientific terms from across all India. We now here to share what exact cause for the evil eye and why this affects our career,health,wisdom and many more.

What is evil eye and what suggested by :

Peoples from different cultures believe that mind that control from different territorial,Ghost, Evil spirits, someone’s negative energy to become fall you down or whatever.  But my friends this is just a piece of non aware wrong misleading perceptions from peoples that will moving you towards wrong direction by spells to cut down black magic remedies to another person are also for there removal of hate energy, Earning money motto or else. Never take yourself to any “Priest, Third Person or High Level Jyotishi or Baba Ji, We strongly believe that the below are the small remedies that will help you across our study. So let’s know what and why ??

Part One First Remedy for Yourself :

Your mindset is the main important thing. Our brain is the main important role that activated 24 x 7 and non stop working. The three things we like to informing you what is the start cause of a negative energy that will affect you and your health from a start. Mostly due to less human concious mind that  accepting negative energy by low sleeps on general sleep hours also with too much awake when we are not properly in mind to take rest also too much work load pressure are general causes usually.  Not pray to lord, Due to this we reduced and in Low universal energy from god created universal vibrations “Akashi Records – In Hindi “Aakasha Ganga”  and feel much Stressful experience depressions also insomnia due to this. This is the main cause for the wrong beliefs. First try the below method that will help you, Take a long deep breathe and Imagine all the wrong thoughts vanish. Be always take proper sleep, Do little bit Yoga, Eat always Good Health conscious food, Quit Smoke and alcohol.

Remedies :

1 )  By Lord Shiva (Namaskara Mantra ( Scientifically : Blue light with Powerful : Binaural beats )

( Kindly use this below video after 4:00 AM to 5:00 AM only on Early Morning as God Mahurata for chanting, Your Head is on East Direction @ Early Morning and never repeat this instead directed by a psychologist due to binaural beats : Highly Warning )  Disclaimer : We are sharing this  for educational purposes only. Users need to study about the facts from internet before selecting.

We will share with you our second part of this post  for Your Business and House and further remedies …

Kindly Post your personal experience on below comments area.


Namoh Narayana – Rockingbaba

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