Parkinson’s Disease Ayurvedic Cure: Zandopa

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Our brain makes dopamine which is a chemical that carries signals like scratching your hair or pinching your skin. These signals are created by some cells of Substantia Nigra which is deep seated within our brain. Parkinson disease is a state when a large no. of these cells die and we lose our ability to swiftly respond to the  brain signals like scratching your hair etc. The most common symptom of Parkinson’s disease is tremors.

Parkinson Patient

Interesting Information on Parkinson’s Disease

  1. Nearly 10 million patients suffer from Parkinson’s Disease worldwide.
  2. As per modern science no conclusive cure exists for the disease but as per Ayurveda there are medicines that can help alleviate the pain and in some cases even cure the disease.
  3. Men are 1.5 times more likely to have Parkinson’s disease in comparison to women.
  4. Every year 60000 new Parkinson disease cases appear in US alone.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease – Zandopa

Patients suffering from Idiopathic Parkinsonism can take Zandu Zandopa as it is rich in natural L-Dopa. Zandopa is safe for longterm usage and it can naturally improve Dopamine levels.

Zandu Zandopa

Zandopa Ingredients

Each 7.5gm of Zandopa contains – Standardized processed seed powder of Kauncha (Mucuna pruriens) 6.525 gm in a flavored base.

Zandopa Dosage Indications

Zandopa should strictly not to be taken with MILK.

Follow physicians guidelines.

Zandopa Side-effects

Following side-effects are claimed by the company itself-

Side effects include nauseaanorexiacardiac irregularitiesorthostatic hypotensionweight gainhot flushes, numerous dyskinesias and psychiatric symptoms such as agitations, hallucinationsdelusions and nightmares.

Zandopa in US

Zandopa is amongst first few plant based formulations that have received the FDA approval and is being widely used across US for Parkinson disease treatment.

Benefits of Zandopa

Zandopa helps in sleep improvement, reduces stress levels, helps in anti-aging, improves immunity and even improves libido.

How to buy Zandopa?

In India it is very easily available at any chemist store. International patients can avail bundle pack offers here:

You can also avail free consultation by simply booking your appointment via chat on

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