Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss

Permanent hair loss condition at an early age (less than 35 years) is very common amongst men these days. Such a condition could be triggered by a variety of reasons like genes, improper hair care regimen, age, lack of nutrition, stressful lifestyle or medication/radiation exposure.

Though reversing such a condition is very tough but it is possible to a certain extent.

Before getting in to the treatment of the condition lets understand the science behind hair loss.

How hair loss occurs? (very intersting to know)

hair loss condition

A human body is a very efficient machine. By default, every living thing tries to sustain life in the most effective way. Our body is composed of numerous organs, tissues, bones, hair etc and each of these components hold its own importance in sustaining life. Obviously, the role of hairs is very low when it comes to sustaining life.

Our body reacts involuntarily, to the conditions it exposed to. For example an emotionally stressed out person will quickly develop grey hairs, dark circles under the eye even hair loss as compared to a cheerful person. Hair, skin complexion is of very low priority for our body when it comes to sustenance.

As a reaction to a hostile exposure our body automatically transfers the negative impact on the hairs first. If the hostile exposure further continues then our body passes its negative impacts to the other parts of the body. It might even lead to a severe condition like Cancer.

Is hair loss reversible?

Yes, but it is very very difficult. Since hairs are not critical to sustaining life hence hairs are probably the last part of human body that gets recovered. Hair reversal is possible if right lifestyle is adopted and right medication is used.

How to do hair loss reversal?

Adopt a clean lifestyle with uncompromisable positive hair regime. Good lifestyle includes workout, diet control, reducing caffeine, taking good 7-8 hours sleep, reducing blood acidity.

You can supplement your diet with a good natural multi-vitamin. Our regular diet is often deficient in some of the minerals and vitamins and it is always good to consume a good multi-vitamin. Biotin is one of a B complex vitamin which is vital for Hair care. Almost every multi vitamin has Biotin in enough quantity to support hair growth.

Pro Tip: Washing hairs with hot water is suicidal for hairs. As per Ayurveda, Hairs and Eyes should be washed only by cold water.

Stop using chemical based shampoos which contains Paraben and Sulfates. Use a herbal shampoo instead. You should not shampoo your hairs more than twice a week.

Eat Indian Gooseberries (Amla). It is a powerhouse of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. Amla restricts hair greying and stimulates lush hair growth. Amla based products like Amla oil or Amla shampoo is also very effective for hair growth.

Use a good Hair oil. Dhathri hair oil is one such oil which is made out of natural ingredients and it stimulates hair growth. Dhathri hair oil is based on Ayurvedic formulation which is a combination of herbs like Bhrami, Neela Amari, Kattarvazha etc. Apply the oil on hairs and leave it for 30 mins then wash it off with any herbal shampoo.

dhathri hair oil
Dhathri Hair Oil

Dhathri makes multiple hair care products which are based on Ayurvedic formulations. Some other good products by Dhathri are:

Dhathri Hair Protector

Dhathri Hair Capsules

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