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12 Dec 2018

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss

Permanent hair loss condition at an early age (less than 35 years) is very common amongst men these days. Such a condition could be triggered by a variety of reasons like genes, improper hair care regimen, age,
11 Dec 2018

Parkinson’s Disease Ayurvedic Cure: Zandopa

What is Parkinson’s Disease? Our brain makes dopamine which is a chemical that carries signals like scratching your hair or pinching your skin. These signals are created by some cells of Substantia Nigra which is deep seated
24 Sep 2015

Simple Ayurvedic Tips for Speedy Dengue Recovery

Dengue is a deadly disease transmitted by a mosquito and each year Dengue claims thousands of patients and hundreds dead. According to National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme website (a government body), year 2014 left with more