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Booking Policy

Puja Booking Policy:

  • All bookings are subject to Pandit's availability.
  • Booking is confirmed by paying full amount for the Puja in advance. This amount is safely kept with RockingBaba till the puja is concluded. Pandit will get the money for Puja only after the Puja is concluded.
  • While Submitting Booking Request user will have to fill a small form which Pandit will use to calculate the Shubh Muhurat and revert with a price to conduct the Puja.
  • Price quoted by Pandit is inclusive of all costs like Samagri cost, Pandit's travel cost and taxes if applicable.
  • Every quotation will be valid for certain period. In case you do not book the service within the period, the quotation will automatically expire.
  • It may happen that some of the Muhurats may get booked by some other user by the time you apply for booking. Hence it is recommended that if you are interested in booking a Panditji for your Puja, then you must not wait much after receiving the quote as other users may as well book the service from same Pandit for same time.
  • Once you confirm a booking for Panditji for your Puja, Panditji will be notified the same and you will receive an email with all the relevant details.
  • If you wish to re-schedule the Puja you may ask the admin by calling at 7532020008. RockingBaba does not guarantee that request for re-scheduling will be accepted. Re-scheduling the puja will depend on a lot of factors including the availability of Pandit at the suitable Muhurat. 


Gemstone / Rudraksha Consultation Request Policy:

  • We try to get your recommendation processed within 48 hours of your booking but at times this may not be possible due to unavailability of the expert.
  • RockingBaba does not play any role in recommending the gemstone / Rudraksha. The expert chosen by you will only recommend. We request you to read the complete profile and feedback for the expert before seeking consultation.
  • Gemstone / Rudraksha recommendation by each expert may vary significantly. Experts use different means to recommend a Gemstone or Rudraksha. Some may use Astrology others may use Numerology and some may use Chakra Healing principles so it is highly subjective to say which is best and hence RockingBaba does not gaurantee that the Gemstone / Rudraksha recommended are the best for you.


RockingBaba is an online platform that brings user close to the spiritual practitioners. RockingBaba plays absolutely no direct role in recommendations. Since RockingBaba is neither providing the service nor selling any product by itself, hence under no circumstances any claims for liability can be extended to RockingBaba.

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