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Q. What role does RockingBaba play in any of the services or product provided by it?

Ans. RockingBaba is a market place model and it does not take the ownership of any product or services sold on RockingBaba. RockingBaba is just offering some cutting edge technological solutions along with some great knowledge from Vedic scriptures to create an awesome user experience.


Q. How does RockingBaba register Pandits, Astrologers, Vastu Consultants and other Spiritual Masters?

Ans. At RockingBaba there is one registration process for all. In case someone wants to become an Astrologer or a Vastu Consultant or Pandit or any other Spiritual Master he will send a request to the Admin. After verification and review Admin will approve him as a Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Pandit or any other Spiritual Master.


Q. Where can I see the profile of the service provider?

Ans. You can explore the profile snapshot on every product detail page. You can check complete profile of the service provider by clicking on View Profile button.


Q. Why price of the same service given by different service providers vary significantly?

Ans. RockingBaba plays no role in defining the prices and it is a sole matter of service provider to decide the price. RockingBaba is just a platform through which a user can seamlessly access the service provider.


Q. Does RockingBaba maintain a track record of offline services offered by any Pandit or Astrologer or any other service provider listed on RockingBaba.com?

Ans. No, RockingBaba maintains a track record of only what is offered online through it.


Q. What is RockingBaba's Booking and Cancellation Policy?

Ans. We have explained these policies in a separate section. Please follow Booking Policy and Cancellation Policy to read further.

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