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Hindu Vedic scriptures mention that any material possession which is acquired by us during our lifetime comes from the blessings of the lord. Material possessions like new vehicle, new home and new estate are meant to provide us comfort and security. Many such possessions are passed on from generation to generation. As per Vedas a Puja should be conducted to revere the lord for bestowing such gifts on us and seek his blessings to make such possessions fruitful in our lives and generations to follow.

  1. Griha Pravesh

    Griha Pravesh Puja / House Warming

    Griha Pravesh is a Hindu Vedic Puja whereby a newly constructed house is converted in to a home for living. Importance of this Puja is highlighted in the book no. 3 of Atharvaveda where it is mentioned:

    I enter this home with a kumbha
    fill it with ambrosia and anoint
    all those who drink of this heavenly water
    and protect this home
    I enter this house to dwell in it.

    With Agni, the immortal one, I enter and possess the house.

    The Mantras and the smoke from the Havan adds positive vibrations to the whole house and makes it free from any previous negativity.

    This Puja must be performed on the auspicious Muhurat as suggested by an expert astrologer or Pandit. This Puja should be performed only after the ceiling, doors and windows of the house are fixed. Though the Vidhi of this Puja varies from sect to sect but as a common practice, the Puja starts with lord Ganesha Puja to remove all the obstacles then Kalash Puja, Vastu Puja, boiling the milk over, breaking the coconut and sprinkling the water in the house from the Kalash.

    Three types of Griha Pravesh have been mentioned in our ancient scriptures -

    (1) Apoorva - First entry to live in the new house in a new field called Apoorva selected (new) Griha Pravesh.

    (2) Sapoorva - Entry into an existing home to live in it after traveling abroad or migrating elsewhere, is called Sapoorva Griha Pravesh.

    (3) Dwandwah - Entry into a house to live in it after reconstruction / renovation of the house damaged by fire, flood, electricity, wind, etc. it is termed as Dwandwah (or old) Griha Pravesh.

    Griha Pravesh Puja should be performed in all of the above mentioned cases.

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  2. Bhuumi Pujan

    Bhoomi Pujan

    According to Hindu culture, the land is considered as a mother. Bhoomi is the Hindu goddess of Mother Earth. Before the start of any construction a puja is performed which is called as Bhoomi Pujan. This puja is conducted to get the permission from Deva Bhoomi along with their blessings and help. Bhoomi Pujan Vidhi depends on quality of the land and purpose of the construction to be undertaken. If construction of a group of residential housing is the objective then Kubera Lakshmi mantras can be sung to increase sales of individual homes. If erection of a manufacturing factory is the objective, then adding a Vishwakarma Puja is suitable. Basically, Bhoomi Puja Vidhi can be altered so that it bears the sweetest fruits for the person concerned. If there are any legal problems / disputes related to land then Sudarshana Kalabhairava puja will be useful, If the enemy is equal / more powerful / strong, then the power of Bagalamukhi Brahmastra works well. Like Vastu Puja, Bhoomi Pujan is better if done in the Bhoomi, that is, call the Pandits to the site and conduct puja. However, Bhoomi Pujan can also be done remotely, you can send small samples taken from eight different locations of Bhoomi, Pandit will consecrate the sand, conduct all the rituals and send it back to you.

    Benefits of Bhoomi Pujan:

    By performing this puja one is paying his regards to Vastu Purusha.

    This puja helps in getting the blessings of the lord so that you can carry out any activities on that land without any trouble.

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