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RockingBaba believes that every spiritual master has some knowledge which is very rare to be found in any of the texts that exist in public domain. RockingBaba is a humble attempt to bring this knowledge in the public domain by creating a marketplace. This is one of the most important reasons amongst a host of other reasons why you should choose us.

A few other reasons why you should choose us:

1. We don't consider ourselves as the authority to judge which spiritual master is better over the other. We want to leave this judgment to the user himself and to help him judge we are just offering some cutting edge solutions.

2. Every service that is offered or going to be offered on the RockingBaba is going to be highly tailored to the individual needs.

3. At RockingBaba you will get solutions through education. We believe that a large part of the Vedic and spiritual knowledge is obscure and we stand committed to bring this knowledge to the world in the most simple form to which anyone can relate.

4. RockingBaba uses science and modern technology to create a hassle free complete user experience.

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